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Groupware Services Widows is a supervised service offered by the IT Center to support the internal communication and organization of an institution. It provides e-mail, calendar and appointment management functionality on a virtual server system based on Microsoft Exchange; anti-spam and anti-virus measures, as well as an automated update function for user data.

Full data backups are available for a maximum of 30 days. Objects deleted by users can be restored within 90 days after emtyping of the recycle bin. Older versions of objects modified and saved by users are not covered by this configuration, i.e. older versions of objects cannot be restored (e.g. overwriting through replication via a mobile device such as a smartphone).

The backup functionality is implemented and monitored as part of the service. The backup service is commissioned by the customer and is implemented in accordance with the backup service regulations. Local administrators at the institution are responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the system.

As a prerequisite the service requires the Directory Services also offered by the IT Center, which have to be commissioned individually.


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