Each division at the IT Center focuses on certain key competencies. In this way, the Center is able to offer a broad range of services and to address the challengens of the future.

The division heads are responsible for their respective focus areas. They support the managing directors and report to the Director of the IT Center.

IT Center Divisions

Administration and Organization

The core responsibility of the Administration and Organization Division is to support the areas research, services, and teaching, especially with regard to organizational processes in the fields of finance, resource planning, HR management, and conformance to legal and RWTH-internal requirements.

Further responsibilities of the division are communications and reporting.

Computational Science and Engineering

The Computational Science & Engineering (CSE) Division supports the chairs and research institutes at RWTH Aachen University in their CSE activities. Key areas include high-performance computing, data visualization, and teaching and learning. Apart from providing IT infrastructure and basic services, the division contributes to research and teaching in methods and tools in parallel programming, explorative data analysis, and virtual reality. The division offers vocational training for Mathematical-Technical Software Developers, which is part of the dual degree program "Scientific Programming" offered by FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

IT Process Support

The division supports students, faculties, and central divisions at RWTH Aachen with topics such as process design, requirement analysis, as well as the establishment, integration and further development of effifcient, sustainable IT solutions for cross-sectional business processes at RWTH Aachen.

Process support is particularly offered in the areas of campus management, e-learning, and identity management. Further service areas include the University's central role management, the RWTHApp, and e-science.


The IT-ServiceDesk, as the Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for users and customers, is responsible for the first level support of all IT services of the IT Center.
The possibility of finding a direct solution to the 1st level requests and the 1st level user consulting as well as good reachability are among main tasks of the IT-ServiceDesk.

The main goal of the IT-ServiceDesk is therefore the best possible processing of the requests. Realization and administration of support relevant processes are ensured by the quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The IT-ServiceDesk responsibility ends only when the customer has been provided with a satisfying solution.


The Networks division is responsible for operating the RWTH Aachen University communication infrastructure, including the data core network, a large number of building networks, the WIFI infrastructure, the telephone system, and support in case of problems with telephone sets.

The division provides the relevant infrastructures, including power supplies, cabling technology, selection and procurement of network hardware, and operation and maintenance of the logical network technology.

Furthermore, it maintains the connection to the WiN Science Network and secures the energy-efficient operation of the IT Center facilities and devices.

Systems and Operation

The Systems and Operation division supports the areas services, research, and teaching by operating central hardware and software systems. Its central services, which can be used by staff, students, and other university members, include backup, archiving, high-performance computing, and e-mail services.

Its services in the areas of server virtualization, databases, web hosting, authentication, managed services, and soft- and hardware procurement significantly contribute to the provision of IT infrastructure of RWTH Aachen University.