Services for Instructors

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The IT Center provides instructors with tailored solutions to support their teaching activities

Our Documentation Portal provides you with detailed information on the various IT Center services.

Our services include:

Apprentice Administration - For The Entire Period of Vocational Training
This service manages the administration of apprentices, from the application and selection processes to the storage of achieved grades, communication with instructors, and completion of the vocational training. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW) is an additive for asynchronous cooperation via Internet. Texts, presentations and other file formats are placed on a WWW accessible server, so that everyone with an internet connection may take part in the corporate work, an appropriate browser and the right access authorization.

CAMPUS Information System - Managing Your Studies
The CAMPUS Information System provides a variety of teaching and learning services, including the management of students, examinations, courses of study, as well as IT support for organizational processes. It also facilitates quality management processes such as student course evaluations. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

E-Learning Platform LP – RWTH's Teaching and Learning Platform
The portal makes it possible for instructors to create virtual learning rooms for their classes. These can only be accessed by registered class participants and facilitate the exchange of teaching materials and general information. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

HPC Methodological Support extends the RWTH Compute Cluster service (primarily in Linux OS) by the following components: HPC programming environment, module-based user environment, software packages, documentation, support, functions / events, courses, teaching and innovation. Service description

HPC Projekt Support expands the RWTH Compute Cluster and High Performance Computing services. Tasks are carried out within (cooperative) projects including university and external personnel (depending on workload), for a fee. Service description

Identity Management – for the Entire Student Life Cycle
Identity Managament, that is the central user management system, makes it possible for students to use the relevant IT services during their time at RWTH Aachen to graduation and beyond. The system administrates the registration of new users and their different and changing user roles at RWTH Aachen. Its main taks is to administer data for the authentication and authorization of users. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

IT-ServiceDesk – First Point of Contact for Questions on the Services of the IT Center
The IT Center is a professional, reliable partner securing the efficient operation of the University's information technology infrastructure. Our trained and competent specialist staff at the IT ServiceDesk is glad to assist you will all questions on the IT services of the IT Center.

Teaching and Research Questionnaire - Online Tool for Performance Documentation Purposes
The online questionnaire, which is updated anually, is to document instructor performance in all relevant aspects. By modifying the questionnaire, it is also possible to use it as a tool to document the development and performance of entire departments and divisions. This is relevant in quality management processes or reports, e.g. in the context of competitions such as Germany's Excellence Initiative. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

Teaching Load Questionnaire – Registering Teaching Activities
The Teaching Load Data Form is a digital tool to document instructors' teaching commitments according to the NRW ordinance on teaching assignments. The tool is to register instructors' teaching activities per semester. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

Reporting und Exports for Teaching and Learning Service description