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RWTH Aachen offers doctoral candidates, professors, postdocs, junior researchers, and science managers a comprehensive offering of qualification measures for career and management development.


Center for Professional Leadership, CPL

The Center for Professional Leadership, CPL for short, provides professors, postdocs, research staff and science managers with continuing education opportunities, such as seminars, workshops, and individual coachings. In this way, they receive support with managing their positions as researchers, teachers, and executives.

Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS

The Center for Doctoral Studies, CDS for short, is the center for providing continuing education and transferable skill training opportunities for doctoral candidates. Methodological and social skills are particularly valued.

Die Entwicklung der eigenen Karriere ist in jeder Phase der wissenschaftlichen Laufbahn von großer Bedeutung. Neben der gezielten Karriereberatung und Betreuung durch die Fachvorgesetzten bietet die Abteilung Karriereentwicklung der RWTH Aachen ihren Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern darüber hinaus durch ein individuelles Orientierungsgespräch Unterstützung bei der persönlichen Karriereentwicklung.

In every stage of one's academic path, it is important to consider the development of one's career in general. In addition to career advising and mentoring provided by university teachers and senior researchers, the RWTH Aachen Division of Career Development offers researchers the opportunity to participate in an individually tailored orientation session to further support them in their personal career development.