2nd Aurora Deep Dive Workshop

Nov Thu 28 - Fr 29 2019

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The NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA is a new vector processor based accelerator for HPC workloads. Since this vector engine (VE) provides a very high memory bandwidth (1.2 TB/s), it is a very promising architecture for memory bound applications. The VE is provided as a PCIe card in a x86-64 server. Each VE is equipped with 8 cores. This workshop provides detailed information about the Aurora Architecture. Experts from NEC will present the programming environment and the different  execution models including hints for performance tuning. The attendees of the workshop have the opportunity to explore the system by working on provided hands-on or bringing their own code.

Because of high demand after the first Workshop in May this year we will provide a 2nd Aurora Deep Dive Workshop in the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University from Thu Nov 28 to Fri Nov 29 this autumn.


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