Energetic monitoring

  Screen with displays of a monitoring software Copyright: © Chris Liverani@unsplush  

For the energetic optimization of the entire system a dense energy monitoring is carried out. In addition, environmental and operating data of building services and computer infrastructure are recorded and evaluated. Weather conditions (optimum recooling temperature), favourable operating temperatures of the computers or water consumption of the recoolers are taken into account.

Through this high-resolution monitoring of the computers, negative shifting effects in energy consumption between supply technology and systems are detected and prevented (e.g. higher temperatures favourable for the recoolers lead to higher cooling medium speeds in secondary systems or higher leakage flows).

The so-called PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) value can be reduced to 1.05 under good conditions. This means that only 5% of the energy consumed by the computers is used for the operation of the technical systems, especially the cooling.

The PUE of the water-cooled overall system is calculated to be less than 1.08 on an annual average. The previous operating data support these calculations.