Background and goals


The goal of the feasibility study Federated Identity was the development and conceptual design of a common approach to establish a federated identity management (FIDM) for NRW. A survey conducted as part of the feasibility study showed that there is an increasing need among universities in NRW to offer and use services across universities. In addition to technical challenges, the universities participating in the survey posed key requirements.

For the implementation of a FIDM, experiences were defined in the form of basic principles:

  • There should be no central IDM system for NRW
  • There will be no interference with local IDM systems
  • The concept and implementation for local IDM operators and service providers should be as simple as possible
  • The sovereignty over data as well as rights and roles remains with the institutions or service providers
  • No parallel structures are to be created, but rather integration into the DFN-AAI