27.08.2019 Meeting of the IT Committee

The IT Center presented the cloud activities to the IT committee. The main aim was to provide the staff councils with further information and to coordinate the next steps. In Q4 2019 there will first be a presentation by the IT Center at the staff council meeting. The introduction of M365 will then be submitted to the staff councils for co-determination.

30.07.2019 Meetup of the Microsoft Cloud Community at Freie Universität Berlin

  • Networking of participating universities from all over Germany
  • Mutual information sharing about acitivities and projects on the topic of Cloud in the university context
  • Presentations among others:
    • of the DFN association about GÉANT succession application
    • of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the use of Azure-Bots for the support and development of virtual system structures
    • of RWHT by Denise Dittrich on current developments and activities at RWTH in the cloud sector

Lots of questions demonstrate the great interest of the participating universities in the current developments.

You can find information about the Meetup on the corresponding Microsoft websites. For details on the Meetup, please visit the IT Center Blog. Both contributions are unfortunately only in German language.

10.07.2019 Lecture at the Group Representation of the Scientific Employees of the RWTH Aachen University

The cloud activities of GVWiss were presented during the regular meeting. It was about the previous activities as well as the planned introduction of Azure and M365 at the RWTH.

19.06.2019 Meeting of the Cloud RWTH Group

The following points were discussed:

  • Current state of procurement of Azure
  • Use of M365 at RWTH: a timetable with tasks to be completed for the introduction of M365 at RWTH has been drawn up.
  • Removal of licenses for alumni: the free licenses in M365 may only be used by active RWTH staff and students.
  • Involvement of the staff councils: it was decided to give another lecture at the IT committee to inform both staff councils about new activities and developments.

10.04.2019 Meeting of the RWTH Cloud Group

The following points were discussed:

  • The handbook on data protection in the cloud has been finalized. A website with further information will be prepared and published.
  • Current state of procurement of Azure
  • Current status of the official use of M365 at RWTH University
  • Further communication in the committees of the RWTH: Lecture at the GV planned for July

25.03.2019 Meeting of the RWTH Cloud Group

The status of the procurement Azure and the further procedure here were discussed. The communication in the committees of the RWTH is further promoted (e.g. CIO advisory board, Adminrunde). The handbook on data protection in the cloud will be finalised and made available as soon as possible.