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You have different opportunities to follow our activities and development around RWTHApp.

General Information

Logbuch Lehre

Logbuch Lehre is the central web portal discussing news and developments regarding teaching and learning at RWTH Aachen. Various departments and Institutes as well as students of RWTH Aachen regularly report on their concepts, ideas, experiences and recent activities to enhance learning and teaching in University context – of course this includes the RWTHApp.


The official RWTH Aachen page in the social network Facebook among other things also regularly posts updates on recent activities concerning the RWTHApp.

eLearning-Blog des Centers for Innovative Learning Technologies (CiL)

The CiL and LuFGi9 team also publish information about their recent eLearning activities on their own blog for people interested in eLearning at RWTH Aachen.

Direct Contact

You can pose your questions about RWTHApp or access to the provided interfaces to the developers via the IT-Service Desk of IT Center. Your request will be redirected accordingly.

You can also use the feedback channel directly in the RWTHApp.

Either way we are looking forward to your feedback.