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Our work is characterized by basic as well as application-oriented research in collaboration with other RWTH institutes from multiple faculties, Forschungszentrum Jülich, industrial companies, and other research groups from around the world in largely third-party funded interdisciplinary joint projects.

Virtual Reality (VR) has proven its potential to provide an innovative human-computer interface, from which multiple application areas can profit. The VR application fields we are working on comprise architecture, mechanical engineering, medicine, life science, psychology, and more.

Specifically, we perform research in multimodal 3D interaction technology, immersive 3D visualization of complex simulation data, parallel visualization algorithms, and virtual product development. In combination with our service portfolio, we are thus able to inject VR technology and methodology as a powerful tool into scientific and industrial workflows and to create synergy effects by promoting collaborations between institutes with similar areas of VR applications.