The new App of RWTH Aachen University

  Photo of mobile devices Copyright: IT Center

The RWTHApp is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8. Students, employees and Visitors of RWTH Aachen can benefit from tailored features and use RWTHApp to make their daily university life easier.



At a glance students can inform themselves about upcoming events and recent activities in the central systems and institutions of RWTH Aachen such as the eLearning platform RWTHmoodle. RWTHApp also allows downloading available learning materials from RWTHmoodle and therefore offers support for mobile learning scenarios. A timetable feature does not only show the upcoming lecture dates but allows the students to navigate between the different building of RWTH Aachen that are spread all over the city.

Feedback function

With additional features RWTHApp can also be used during lectures. Teachers can offer a direct feedback channel. Using this channel, students can post anonymous questions and remarks directly to the teacher holding a lecture. In turn teachers can respond to these requests either within or after the lecture. The feedback is collected in an anonymous way to reduce the threshold to send questions and remarks to the teacher.

For Employees and visitors

Employees and visitors of RWTH Aachen can only use a smaller range of functionalities from RWTHApp. Apart from lecture room and lecture event search users can find employees of RWTH Aachen. Contacts can be called directly from the app or serve as a target for the navigation app on the user’s smartphone.


The RWTHApp is designed and developed on behalf of the chancellor of RWTH Aachen.

Where to Buy?

You can download RWTHApp from the app stores depending on your smartphones operating system.

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