The App of RWTH Aachen University

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The RWTHApp is available for iPhone, Android and Windows 10 Desktop. Students, employees and Visitors of RWTH Aachen can benefit from tailored features and use RWTHApp to make their daily university life easier.



Students have central access to important data such as the grade sheet, timetables, study rooms and the view of active loans in the university library. In addition, the RWTHApp provides information about upcoming events and current news from the central systems and facilities of RWTH Aachen University, such as the teaching and learning portal RWTHmoodle, or the direct feedback function to communicate with lecturers during lectures. Furthermore, chat support is also integrated into the RWTHApp. The chat support is an easy and uncomplicated way to ask questions and problems concerning the (IT-) services of RWTH Aachen University.

On the RWTHApp homepage, you can find the button News on the left side.
If you click on it, you will get the latest news about the RWTH Aachen University. For example, social media postings of the official RWTH Aachen University pages, blog posts of the IT Center or news of the AStA are displayed. On the cogwheel in the upper right corner you have the possibility to personalize your news, here you can select and deselect the desired sources.

All about studying

The RWTHApp enables the download and the mobile view of the provided learning content from RWTHmoodle, which can be found under the point Study.

The students' timetable not only shows information about upcoming lectures, but also allows them to orientate themselves between the RWTH Aachen University buildings spread over the city.

The overview of grades can also be found under the point Study. Grades and other achievements that are required for your course of study, such as certificates, are listed there. Subject and grade are clearly displayed in a list. By clicking on the arrow to the right of each grade, you can find more detailed information on the respective examination: examination date, examination number, semester and the exact credit points.

About the university

Under the item Facilities you will find the item Rooms, where you can search for specific rooms and buildings by number or name. So you can quickly find your way around the campus and the city.

The learning rooms of the RWTH can also be found via the app. The point Study and the sub point Learning Rooms show all learning rooms of the RWTH Aachen University on a map. If you activate the location, you can quickly find a suitable learning room nearby. In addition, the current utilization of the learning room as well as a forecast for the next 24 hours is displayed. The utilization is visualized by means of the so-called learning room traffic light. More detailed information about the learning room traffic light can be found on the logbook teaching blog.

In the RWTHApp you can find the (daily changing) offer of different dishes in all refectories by clicking on Facilities and then on Canteens. Under Facilities and University Library you can view borrowed books and renew them. You can also check your current account balance. The library's support chat can also be called up under this point.

Direct feedback function

Further functions make the RWTHApp an important tool also during lectures. Lecturers can receive messages from students via the direct feedback function (Audience Response System). Questions asked in this way can be answered by lecturers during or after the lecture. Further feedback options are pictures or surveys. The feedback can be recorded completely anonymously, so that students need not be inhibited from sending questions and feedback to the lecturers. Direct feedback channels can be searched for in the RWTHApp under Study and Direct Feedback.
The direct feedback function of the RWTHApp enables you to exchange information quickly and to communicate directly and easily with the lecturer.

For employees & guests

Employees and visitors of the RWTH Aachen University have a smaller range of functions at their disposal. In addition to auditorium and event information, employees of RWTH Aachen University can also be searched. Contacts can be called directly from the RWTHApp or serve as a destination for the navigation app on the smartphone. Using the app anonymously, without login, allows access to the basic functions: direct feedback, news feed, mensa plan and search functions.


The RWTHApp is designed and developed on behalf of the chancellor of RWTH Aachen.

Functional overview

The documentation of the RWTHApp can be found at IT Center Help.