Federated Identity Management.nrw

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The number of services offered by universities in NRW is growing steadily thanks to the support of DH.NRW and the Ministry of Culture and Science. Therefore, there is also an increased need to offer these services across universities. IDM.nrw has set itself the task of enabling or simplifying federated (cross-university) access to these services. Thus, they can be used by members of higher education institutions at any time and from anywhere using only the access data of their home institution.

The feasibility study Federated Identity Management.nrw started in April 2019 and was successfully completed in September 2020. Within this framework, the need for federated identity management was proven based on service surveys and expert interviews.

In order to finally implement the project, the follow-up project Federated Identity Management.nrw will start in September 2021 with a duration of three years.