Management NFDI4Ing Office


The National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences (NFDI4Ing) brings together all engineering research communities and fosters the management of their research data. Under the leadership of RWTH Aachen University, eight university and three non-university research institutions are joining forces in a dedicated consortium that is open to outsiders. The consortium's administrative office is located at the IT Center in Aachen and at the University Computing Centre (HRZ) in Darmstadt. Tasks include internal project organization and committee work, external communication, strategic development of the consortium, the management of funds and reporting to the funding agency. Funding is based on an agreement between the federal government and the states (Note: only available in German).

The administrative office assists the consortium's team of spokespersons. The team consists of the spokesperson, Prof. Robert H. Schmitt, from RWTH Aachen University, and his deputy, Prof. Peter F. Pelz, from Technische Universität Darmstadt.