Managing Director


The two managing directors of the IT Center are members of the administration. They represent and support the director. Their respective duties include budgetary and outcome responsibility. They are assisted in these duties by the division heads and IT managers.

The management is responsible for control of operative and administrative processes as well as for supporting the staff development concept of the RWTH Aachen in the aspects relevant to the IT Center. The IT Center is being progressively developed organizationally with improvement-management. This also includes the supervision of incident-management and change-management processes.

They also supervise aspects relating to the business areas of service and finances. In this field the main tasks encapsulate the operative and administrative financial process as well as financial planning and controlling. Aside from overseeing operations and sales as well as the internal administrative processes of the IT Center, their duties also include development and quality assurance of offered services. This includes the life-cycle, service-level and configuration management.