HPC offices


In addition to its original tasks, the IT Center increasingly sees itself as a member of state or nationwide projects and consortia. These consortia are characterized by the fact that a project-based governance structure is often predominant. In addition to project management, steering groups, advisory boards, etc. are available. For the administrative, organisational and communicative tasks within the framework of these projects, coordination offices are set up, for sustainably established structures, branch offices.

The HPC offices are responsible for the overall coordination of HPC joint projects. These currently include the HPC.NRW competence network as well as the cooperation with Forschungszentrum Jülich within the framework of the JARA Center for Simulation and Data Science. The HPC offices assume the classical tasks of science management such as coordination of the internal organization of the project, fund management, external presentation and reporting to the funding agency. In addition, together with the project management, they develop strategies for the further development of existing and for the application of new cooperation projects.

The head of the HPC offices reports directly to the director of the IT Center and represents the HPC cooperation projects on his behalf also externally.