Vision and Mission Statement


Our Vision

The IT Center at RWTH Aachen is a leading information technology provider for the University and the European higher education landscape that actively cooperates with partners in research, teaching, and business.

Mission Statement

The IT Center's Mission Statement can be seen as a long-term objective defining the organizational culture we want to create and maintain, e.g. concerning how we should behave, interact and treat one another. It is to establish a link between the Center's implicit self-image, its philosophy (shared norms and values), and the intended developments.

  1. Our self-concept: We are a professional contact and partner in all information technology questions, supporting university-wide processes while taking into account the special neends of research and teaching.
  2. Our work philosophy: we work together in an open and respectful atmosphere. We work in targeted way and seek to use our resources responsibly and sustainably.
  3. Service: we provide RWTH Aachen and its partners with high-quality, secure and up-to-date IT solutions for teaching, learning, and research.
  4. Consulting: we offer informed advice and present our customers with adequate solutions.
  5. Competency development: We consider continuing education as important aspect of our work.
  6. Our strengths: As competent IT services provider with activities in research, vocational training, and teaching, we are an innovative partner, particularly in interdisciplinary collaboration.
  7. Cooperation: we closely collaborate with our cusomters and our partners, in order to jointly initiate and develop new and existing processes and services.
  8. Future orientation: By ensuring continual, future-oriented development of our activities, we support RWTH Aachen in maintaining and enhancing its reputation as a leading university of technology.