The IT Center at a glance

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The IT Center of RWTH Aachen University plays an important role in the overall strategy of the university as a central institution and service provider in the field of information technology. Together with the Central University Administration and the University Library, it is responsible for the university-wide IT provision of RWTH Aachen University.

The RWTH Aachen aims at the complete digitization of the core processes of research and teaching. The aim of the IT Center is the future-oriented design of these processes through innovative information technology in close cooperation with partners and users in teaching, research and administration.

Through independent research, training and teaching, the IT Center is an innovative partner. The customers and users of the services provided by the IT Center include students, staff and facilities of RWTH Aachen University as well as other universities, external research institutes and cooperating companies. The orientation towards the needs of these customers is necessary in order to fulfil our responsibility.

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Organigram of the IT Center

The IT Center is managed by a full-time manager and supported by a managing director. In addition to the three staff positions of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Coordination for Research Data Management and Head of the HPC Offices, three IT Managers belong to the extended management circle of the IT Center. In the six departments with a total of 19 groups, the competencies are meaningfully bundled in order to meet the challenges of the future and to be able to position themselves more broadly in terms of their technical expertise. Details can be found in the organisation chart and on the organisational structure website.

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Total number of all employees in the IT Center: 184 (115 men, 69 women)
Scientific employees: 58
Employees in technology and administration: 85
Trainees: 41

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In 2017, the IT Center had a financial volume of 27,294,196 Euro.

Third-party funds: 13,360,487.56 Euro
State financed: 11.458.231,16 Euro
Special funds: 2,475,477.38 Euro

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Education and training

The IT Center is increasingly fulfilling the social mandate of training in the company. However, in-company training is not only an aspect of social responsibility, but also a company requirement for the provision of qualified workers. Thus the IT Center trains 6 IT specialists in the field of systems integration, 2 Office Management Assistant and Office Management Assistant, 4 Management assistant for dialogue marketing and management assistant for dialogue marketing and 20 Mathematical-technical software developer and developer.
In addition, 6 scientists have received their doctorates.

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The IT Center publishes a wide range of information and documents on important and current topics. These include the service catalogue (German only), the annual report published (German only) at regular intervals and the chronicle (German only), as well as the diverse publications of the IT Center's employees.

  Certification pictogram

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

At the IT Center, there is a need to document quality assurance externally and have it checked by neutral entities. In addition to the necessity of designing the internal procedures in a process-oriented and quality-assured manner, there are other important factors. The increasing digitalization of business processes and the increased cooperation with external partners are only two of them.

Currently, there is a certification of the "Single Point of Contact for all inquiries regarding the IT Center's own and cooperatively provided (IT) services and its marketing" as well as the MATSE training activities.