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As one of RWTH Aachen’s central institutions, the IT Center supports all major processes at the University and provides basic and individually tailored services for all university institutions. Furthermore, the Center supports the Simulation Sciences, which are among the key research areas named in the RWTH 2020 institutional strategy.

The IT Center's customers include students, staff, instructors, and institutions of RWTH Aachen as well as external partners, such as educational and research institutions and companies.

Regardless of whether a service is created and delivered for an individual customer or made available to several target groups at the University, the underlying processes have to be analyzed or developed and subsequently optimized. Process development originates with the institution requiring the service, and the process components are integrated as smoothly as possible until the service can be provided. For the introduction and, particularly, the operation of services, user and rights management aspects play an important role.

A systematic overview of services developed by the IT Center fort he University and its staff and students is provided by the Service Catalog.

IT Service Management

The work ethic of the IT Center is characterized by customer orientation and transparency. To guarantee high quality standards, the Center has put in place IT Service Management processes that are tailored to the demands of the University. In order to be able to assist with service requests as well and as soon as possible, the IT Center has introduced a central IT-ServiceDesk.

Work Areas and Cooperation

The IT Center collaborates with a large number of RWTH institutions to establish and further develop university-wide processes and applications in the context of an integrated Campus Management system.

HR Development at the IT Center - Inspire, Empower, Initiate

Human resources development at the IT Center follows the staff development guidelines of RWTH Aachen and seeks to implement their goals. It is our main objective to inspire people working at the IT Center, to empower them by supporting their personal and skills development so that they are able to contribute to the good of society. We seek to give our staff the opportunity to initiate ideas and develop their potential to the fullest. In order to make this possible, our members of staff benefits from continuing education opportunities provided by RWTH Aachen and other institutions.

Vocational Training at the IT Center

Apart from offering information technology services the IT Center conducts teaching and research in the field of Computational Sciences and Engineering (CSE). Furthermore, the IT Center provides vocational training for more than 300 Mathematical-Technical Software Developers, MATSE for short, to be employed by RWTH institutions or software companies in the Aachen region. These IT Center apprentices are enrolled in the dual degree program offered by FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Also, the IT Center is a training company for other vocational qualifications.

Simulation Science

With the CAVE and the High-Performance Computer, the IT Center provides the central research infrastructure for Computational Science & Engineering projects at RWTH Aachen. We conduct methodological research in the fields of immersive visualization was well as parallel programming methods and standards. In various ways, we combine and integrate applied and methodological research, e.g. by developing new visualization and interaction technologies. Furthermore, the IT Center conducts joint research projects with various partner institutions and provides support with optimization and parallelization activities.

Cooperation and Committees

In the fulfillment of its mission the IT Center cooperates with nationwide and regional research institutions. It also collaborates with a numer of private companies. The IT Center receives advice from the IT Center Steering Group of the Rector's Office.

Mission, Vision, and Objectives

In its outlook and strategic development, the IT Center has the following vision:

The IT Center at RWTH Aachen is a leading information technology provider for the University and the European higher education landscape that actively cooperates with partners in research, teaching, and business.

Based on this vision, the IT Center has defined strategic guidelines and long-term objectives for its corporate culture, which can be found in it Center's mission statement.

The IT Center actively supports the promotion of women (de).