The IT Center as an Education Provider

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The IT Center is a training company of RWTH Aachen University. At the IT Center you can become a trainee in one of four different professions:

  • IT Specialist - System Integration
  • Management Assistant for Office Management
  • Management Assistant for Dialogue Marketing
  • Mathematical-Technical Software Development (MATSE)

You can find out what you can expect in the various apprenticeships in brief in the box "Vocational Training at IT Center" below or in more detail on the corresponding subpages.

Application Notes

If you would like to be trained at the IT Center, write this in the cover letter of your application. The trainers at the IT Center will then be informed. Please check your e-mail box regularly if you have uploaded or sent an application. We will reply to you by e-mail.

You would like to apply for a training position for one of the professions at the RWTH IT Center?

More information about the application and selection procedures for the apprenticeships can be found on the RWTH website.


Vocational Training at IT Center

IT Specialist - System Integration

  • ... design and implement complex information and telecommunications technology systems (ICT systems).
  • ... integrate hardware and software components.
  • ... install and configure networked ICT systems, put them into operation and rectify faults.
  • ... not only manage IT environments, but can also identify system solutions.
  • ... advise and train users in the use of IT environments.

At IT Center, IT specialists for system integration are trained in the SuB (Systems & Operations) department.

An overview of the activities can be found in the job description.

Management Assistant for Office Management

  • ... perform commercial administrative tasks.
  • ... assist with tasks in the assistant's or secretary's office.
  • ... acquire knowledge of business processes that they can apply across all industries.
  • ... maintain daily contact with customers, suppliers, authorities and colleagues.
  • ... prepare statistical data for meetings, presentations and trade fairs and can also interpret this data.

At IT Center, office management assistants are trained in the FPO (Finance, Human & Organizational Support) department.

An overview of the activities can be found in the job description.

Management Assistant for Dialogue Marketing

  • ... work in service, call or contact centers as well as in administration.
  • ... are responsible for customer acquisition, support and retention.
  • ... learn various conversation techniques and how to use different PC application programs.
  • ... are proficient in many different modern communication techniques, such as e-mail, Internet or social media.
  • ... are also familiar with commercial tasks.

At IT Center, management assistants for dialog marketing are trained in the SeKo (Service & Communication) department.

An overview of the activities can be found in the job description.

Mathematical-Technical Software Development (MATSE)

  • ... analyze problems with the help of mathematics and apply theories of computer science.
  • ... solve problems using programs in various programming languages.
  • ... use modern software techniques such as Scrum and Kanban.
  • ... organize data in database systems.
  • ... learn programming on the Internet and DataScience.
  • ... link theory and practice of studies and training.
  • ... create software systems according to customer requirements and general usability aspects.
  • ... are trained at the IT Center to find practical solutions to problems in research, administration and teaching at RWTH Aachen University.
  • ... often work together with RWTH researchers on problems with a scientific background.

The training to become a mathematical-technical software developer is integrated into the dual bachelor's degree program in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (FH Aachen) at the Aachen training location. The theoretical courses of the study program take place in the rooms of the IT Center together with all other MATSE trainees of the training location Aachen. The practice of the profession is organized and learned in the respective training company. Thus, theory and practice of mathematics, computer science and programming are ideally combined.

At the IT Center, MATSE are trained in the departments CSE (Computational Science & Engineering), Networks, SuB (Service & Operations), RPDM (Research Process & Data Management) and PDSL (Process Support and Digitization Studies & Teaching).

An overview of the activities as well as further information can be found on the corresponding subpages of the IT Center website.