The IT Center as an Education Provider

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The IT Center contributes to meeting the societal need for practice-oriented vocational education. By providing relevant, future-looking qualifications and thus an appropriately skilled and qualified workforce, institutional vocational training meets the needs of business and industry.

Vocational Training at the IT Center

IT Specialists with a Focus on Systems Integration

RWTH Aachen trains IT specialists with a speciaol focus on systems integration. They design and create complex information and telecommunications systems by integrating hard- and software components. They install and configure networked information and communication systems and put them into operation. They are able to fix malfunctions in information and communication systems.

In addition to the maintenance of IT settings, they also work with system solutions and advising and teach users. Typical fields of application are networks, client/server systems, and radio networks. more

Office Management and Communication Assistants

Management assistants for office management can work in all companies in business, industry, and trade, in administration, organizations, and other institutions. Their responsibilities include office administrative functions as well as assistant and secretarial duties, requiring daily interaction with customers, vendors, authorities, and colleagues. Further activities include organizational preparation and follow-up for meetings, presentations, and fairs. In addition to the statistical analysis of data, they will be required to interpret these data. more

Management Assistant for Dialogue Marketing

As a management assistant for dialogue marketing you can work both in companies and in public administration, as well as in service, call, or customers centers in industrial, trade, and service companies. Management assistants for dialogue marketing are responsible for customer acquisition, support, and retention.

Éducation and training will teach candidates different conversation techniques, how to use different computer application programs, the ability to use modern communication techniques, such a fax, email and the internet, and management assistant topics. more

Mathematical-Technical Software Developers

The education and training for mathematical-technical software developers has both theoretical and practice-oriented components, as candidates als complete the Scientific Programming Bachelor's degree course offered by FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Training in the workplace and in the classroom has a focus on mathematics, computer science, programming, and the development of solutions to practical problems, some of them in science and research. more