Virtual Private Network (VPN)


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Members of Staff



With the VPN service, the IT Center makes it possible for users to access the RWTH network or parts of it from outside using a safe, encryped connection. Depending on the type of user, there are different scenarious of use.

VPN is available to users who have personal TIM login data and for whome this service is enabled in the identity management system. Thus, all students and staff are able to use VPN. As a prerequisite, users must download and install a software application, which is available for download from the IT Center webiste, the Cisco VPN Client. In addition, they have to download or manually enter the appropriate access profiles.

Starting the application using the desired profile, the client establishes a strongly encrypted tunnel connection to the RWTH network. The user is assigned an RWTH-internal IP address for the duration of the session. In this way, RWTH members can access protected RWTH-internal resources from outside, e.g. during travel due to university business. Such resources can include University Library resources and hard- and software portals, for example.

Also possible is the access to VPN IP areas at the institute network level. In this way, it is possible for staff members to access internal institute websites while travelling or working at home.


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