Sharepoint Shared Service


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The IT Center offers SharePoint as a Shared Service. It ensures that the agreed service with all agreed service levels is available to the customer.

The customer obtains a SiteCollection within a SharePoint server farm that is exclusively managed by the customer.

The SharePoint server farm also includes other customers' SiteCollections, i.e. it is a Shared Service. The customer has the central role of administrator for his or her SharePoint SiteCollection. This role is responsible for ensuring that the SiteCollection settings are appropriately configured. This includes creating the "look and feel" for the SiteCollection, adding users and user rights, adaptation of list and libraries, general supervision, and communication with users.

The service includes regular backup of user data; backups are made once a day (incrementally). The IT Center guarantees that in case of data loss, the status of the previous day can be recovered.


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