Managed Physical Serverhosting


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The IT Center makes it possible for university institutions to rent physical servers, providing an alternative to the purchase and operation of server hardware by the institutions themselves.

The IT Center is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and operating the server and the necessary infrastructure at an IT Center location and ensures the availability of the server resources.

The commissioning institution is provided with user interfaces for server control (power on / power off / reset) and for the use of installation media. The interfaces can be used from any location from within the RWTH IP networks. The server operating system, which can be freely chosen after consultation with the IT Center, is installed and maintained by the hiring institution. The hiring institutions has full access to the operating system and is fully responsible for software installed on the server, including the OS.


IT Center Help

  1. IT Center Help provides more detailed information about each IT Center service, such as guides, FAQs, configuration notes, and announcements.
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