Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW)


Target Groups


Members of Staff


A BSCW server is available for the members of the institutes of RWTH. For purposes related to teaching it can be used for free. This service is provided by Centre for Information and Media Services (CIM) of Duisburg Essen University to RWTH Aachen University in the frame of “Ressourcenverbund NRW (RV-NRW)”.

Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW) is an additive for asynchronous cooperation via Internet. Texts, presentations and other file formats are placed on a WWW accessible server, so that everyone with an internet connection may take part in the corporate work, an appropriate browser and the right access authorization.

Advantages of BSCW

  • The access via WWW provides the availability of documents independent from a time or place – an ideal way to make the material available to the students or cooperation with colleges.
  • The owner of the document may decide, via so-called shared application areas within BSCW, which material he or she wants to share with certain users. It is possible to divide the structure by courses.
  • The access is password protected.
  • The data backup is ensured by the university’s centre for computing.
  • The control of documents is secured by an operation that keeps content versions.

How can I use the BSCW Server?

If you want to use the BSCW as member of an institute at RWTH, please send an E-Mail including your name and your institute. Make sure you send the email to IT Center at RWTH and not to the correspondent address in Essen. You will be informed via email including your user id and password, when the access is set up. You will receive further information via email after setting up your workspace on the server. Access to the BSCW Server

If you are registered on the BSCW server in Essen (de) you would be able to access your workspace (de) directly. Of course you may also use the password management function of your browser to have you directly logged in.