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The identity management service (IdM) comprises the following basic modules:

1. Authentication and Attribute Check

According to the involved system, there are two versions of the service: LDAP and AD: Data administration for authentication via the central IdM. The individual services are represented through individual accounts in the Identity Management System. Aside from authentication, IdM is able to pass on further information to the attached service.

2. Role Management

The role management administers central and university-wide roles. These roles, which serve to support central processes such as procurement, can be assigned e.g. to university institutions.

3. Shibboleth

This is the single sign on authentication service for RWTH Aachen. The IT Center operates a local federation for the authentication of users to the attached web applications. Apart from authentication, the service is able to assign attributes to users.


IT Center Help

  1. IT Center Help provides more detailed information about each IT Center service, such as guides, FAQs, configuration notes, and announcements.

  2. Identity Management
  3. Role Management
  4. Shibboleth (RWTH Single Sign-On)