Reporting und Exports for Teaching and Learning


Target Groups



The Reporting and Exports service currently comprises eight modules:

  1. CAMPUS daten exports
  2. Checklists for the entry of grades
  3. Student Cockpit/Crystal Reports
  4. Student account print-out
  5. Checklists of the Central Examination Office (ZPA) to verify the interlinking and transfer of course-related data between the SOSPOS databases (student and examination management) and the CAMPUS information system.
  6. Role administroation export
  7. Customer-specific exports with data from the identity management system
  8. Openly accessible export of organizational unit data from the CAMPUS system.

IT Center Help

  1. IT Center Help provides more detailed information about each IT Center service, such as guides, FAQs, configuration notes, and announcements.

  2. Directory of Organizational Units
  3. Role Management