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The IT Center maintains certification and registration authorities within DFN-PKI, an association that maintains a Public Key Infrastruktur to issue, distribute, and verify digital certificates. Currently, RWTH members can obtain S/MIME (following the Global policies, respectively). University institutions are offered SSL certificates (Global Policy).

All root certificates used by the IT Center are available for download in a package.

SSL user certificates can only be issued for members of the University and for RWTH e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses by other providers cannot be certified. Likewise, SSL server certificates can only be issued for servers of official RWTH Aachen institutions. Certification of private computers and servers is not possible.

Students and staff at the University or institutes using encrypted and/or signed e-mails for confidential communication have the opportunity to get a certificate for their PGP/GnuPG key. This certificate confirms the identity of the keyowner to third parties.


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