Services for Students

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In addition to the services offered by other university institutions,  the  IT Center provides a wide variety of services to support students in their activities at RWTH Aachen. In this section you can find an overview of all services that could be of interest to you.


IT Center Help provides you with detailed information on the various IT Center services.


Accessing RWTH Resources in a Safe and Secure Fashion with VPN
For RWTH members: Accessing RWTH-internal web content from with out the RWTH network using VPN. Service description / Instructions for using

Anti-Virus Protection
You can obtain the SOPHOS anti-virus software from the IT Center. It's free of charge, and also for private use.

RWTHonline - the integrated campus management system
Illustration and support of the entire student lifecycle: from application for a study place, admission and enrolment to enrolment and deregistration of courses and exams to completion and deregistration. The web-based curriculum planner allows students to individually plan lectures, directly access their personal event and examination data, grades, certificates, and much more.
Service description / Instructions for using

Members of the University can obtain user certificates from our Certification Portal. Service description / Instructions for using

Your Own E-Mail Address
When to get it, how to configure it: "". Our staff at the IT ServiceDesk will be glad to assist you with all questions concerning your e-mail account at RWTH Aachen. Service description / Instructions for using

eduroam – Worldwide Up-to-date
Online around the globe – here's how to get free-of-charge WIFI internet access for university members, not just in the RWTH network. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

External Computing Capacity
Use the computing capacity of our high-performance computers of RWTH High Performance Computing for complex tasks and applications.

fit in IT
Free IT-related courses from students for students: LaTeX, MS Office, SPSS, and other useful tools and applications

Gigamove – Send Extra-large Files Around the World
Make available and retrieve large data files without using any additional software. And, what's more, they're virus-checked. Service description / Instructions for using

HPC Methodological Support extends the RWTH High Performance Computing service (primarily in Linux OS) by the following components: HPC programming environment, module-based user environment, software packages, documentation, support, functions / events, courses, teaching and innovation. Service description

HPC Projekt Support expands the RWTH High Performance Computing services. Tasks are carried out within (cooperative) projects including university and external personnel (depending on workload), for a fee. Service description

Identity Management – Manage Our Services via one Log-In
Identity Management makes it possible for you to activate and manage our online IT services via one log-in, after initial registration. Via the self-service portal, you can manage your accounts, passwords and used services on your own and view a list of all assigned roles. In this way, you can manage your data using an internet interface oudside of office hours. Service description / Instructions for using (de)

IT Academy Program
Free education using Microsoft's learning platform – an offer open to all members of RWTH Aachen. The trainings prepare participants for university study, Microsoft certifcation exams, and their future career as netrwork administrators, IT support specialists, software and hardware developers, and Office specialists. In order to be able to access the trainings, please register for the e-learning portal (only in the RWTH-network). For further Logins use the Microsoft Account-Link.

Our competent staff is glad to assist you with all questions on IT Center services, including CAMPUS Office, your RWTH e-mail account, eduroam, VPN, and the activation of online services.

RWTHmoodle Teaching and Learning Portal
Download seminar materials, view your class schedule, and keep up-to-date with your lectures and seminars using RWTHmoodle. Service description / Instructions for using

Linux Installation Server
We are operating an installation and update server for various Linux distributions for institutes and student dorms. Service description / Instructions for using

Network Security
Hints and tips on how to safely use the RWTH network

News from Science and Research (in German)
Read and post new via the centralized news server of the German Research Network DFN.

Software at a Discount

In the software shop, university members can find inexpensive and also free offers for various fields of application, such as MATLAB, Citavi for literature management, CorelDraw, and various Microsoft programs. Development tools from Microsoft are available on the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching platform. Service description / Instructions for using

TreMoGo – Mobile Devices Meeting Point
The Mobile Devices Meeting Point is your first contact if you are looking for support in configuring and using the IT services of the IT Center on mobile devices. Service description / Instructions for using (de)