Services for Institutions

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In order to support teaching and research as well as decentralized IT institutions at the university, the IT Center offers services from the provision of server infrastructures and platform solutions up to the management of entire IT projects.


IT Services to Support IT Divisions at the Institute Level


IT Center Help provides you with detailed information on the various IT Center services.


Archiv - Safe Long-term Data Storage
The ITC Archive makes it possible for users to store data using a tape library. Service description / Instructions for using


Backup / Restore – reliable storage and retrieval of data
The IT Center's backup services gives institutes and other RWTH institutions the opportunity to make and maintain backups of their data - including file versioning - and to make them available if necessary. Service description / Instructions for using


Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW) is an additive for asynchronous cooperation via Internet. Texts, presentations and other file formats are placed on a WWW accessible server, so that everyone with an internet connection may take part in the corporate work, an appropriate browser and the right access authorization.


Databases – Systematic and Efficient Data Storage
The IT Center gives Institutes and other RWTH institutions the opportunity to use professionally managed databases to store data in a systematic and efficient way. Service description / Instructions for using


Data Networks (Institute LAN) – Support of Institute-internal Networks
Institute networks supported by the IT Center are continually enhanced to conform to the state-of-the-art. This includes provision of patches for new connections, dismantling of unused lines, supervision of infrastructure, and support in case of malfunction. Service description / Instructions for using


Printing Service – Large-Scale Prints
RWTH institutions can use the ITC large-format printers for various formats and sizes. Also available are a 35 mm film scanner and an A3 flatbed scanner with an optional transparency unit.
For color and b/w A3 and A4 copies or printouts please contact the university printshop (de). Service description / Instructions for Using


E-Mail and Mail Routing - Cross-organizational Communication
This service includes the provision of e-mail as well as calendar and calendar management functionalities, routing of e-mails to internal e-mail systems, as well as adequate spam and anti-virus protection. In addition, incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic is checked by the central RWTH e-mail gateway for viruses and spam. Service description / Instructions for using


HPC Methodological Support extends the RWTH High Performance Computing service (primarily in Linux OS) by the following components: HPC programming environment, module-based user environment, software packages, documentation, support, functions / events, courses, teaching and innovation. Service description


HPC Projekt Support expands the RWTH High Performance Computing services. Tasks are carried out within (cooperative) projects including university and external personnel (depending on workload), for a fee. Service description


The service IT purchasing portal makes it possible for RWTH institutions to procure standardized workstations, laptops and flatscreens in a fast and easy online process. Service description / Instruction for using (de)


Integrative Hosting – Operation of Institute/Departmental Computing Clusters
The idea of integrative hosting is to host computing clusters at the IT Center and operate them within the high-performance computing infrastructure ( RWTH HPC Cluster - UNIX). Due to the "economy of scale" at the ITC, the additional expenditure for the ITC is comparatively moderate. Service description / Instructions for using


Laptop Rental - Book Notebooks for Use
Instructors have the opportunity to rent notebooks from the IT Center. This initiative is to improve web-based teaching and learning at RWTH Aachen. Service description / Instructions for using


Managed Services – Support of IT Units in RWTH Institutions
This service includes the modules Directory Services Windows for the authentication of users and workstations in a network, the provision of file and print servers within Fileserver Services Windows .
Under certain circumstances, the modules can be booked separately.


Physical Server-Hosting - Renting Instead of Buying Servers
This offer constitutes an alternative to buying and operating your own servers. The IT Center sets up and maintains the server and the necessary infrastructure at ITC locations and guarantees secure server operation. Service description / Instructions for using


RWTH Institutes and Departments as well as members of the University can use the Software Shop to order software online. For most software offerings, the IT Center has framework agreements in place. Service description / Instructions for using


SharePoint Shared Service – Joint Communication and Collaboration
The IT Center provides SharePoint as a shared service and guarantees that the agreed services and service levels are made available to the customer. The customer receives his or her own SiteCollection in a SharePoint Server farm, which is exclusively managed by the customer. The service includes also regular backup of user data. Service description / Instructions for using


Telecommunication Services - Always Stay in Touch
The IT CEnter operates the telecommunications network and the university telephone system. The current convergence of traditional tele- and data communication technologies in an IP telephony or "Voice over IP" system will provide the users with a reliable, modern communication technology. Cable based telephony can be complemented by wireless telephony solutions, if required. Service description / Instructions for using


Networks for Events and Classes
As part of this service, cable-based network connections are provided in public areas on the university campus. WIFI access can be made available within areas covered by the wireless network as well as active and passive network technology components provided, e.g. to connects PCs and notebooks to the network. Service description / Instructions for using


Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Working Safely from Without the RWTH Network
The "Virtual Private Network" service gives users the opportunity to securely access the RWTH network from without. There are various scenarios of use depending on the profile of the individual user. Service description / Instructions for using


Virtual Server-Hosting – Rental of Virtual Machines
This offer provides an alternative to the use and operation of your own server hardware. The IT Center sets up and maintains the virtual machines and guarantees the availability of the virtual hardware resources. Service description / Instructions for using


Webhosting – Your Own Website
If desired, the IT Center hosts your website. This service includes the provision of up to 2 GB of standard web space and the support of PHP applications. Optionally, the IT Center offers a database and a central blog.


Wireless LAN (WLAN)
The IT Center provides RWTH Aachen with a university-wide WIFI infrastructure which makes wireless communication possible for WIFI-enabled devices. Currently, the "eduroam" wireless network is available for staff, students, and guests who have access to "eduroam" at their home institutions. Other guests can make use of the "MoPS" network. Service description / Instructions for using