Research & Projects

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In addition to providing central information technology services the IT Center is involved in basic research and, particularly, in application-oriented research projects in  Computational Science & Engineering.

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Use of Cloud Services at RWTH Aachen University

The IT Center actively supports the design of the digitization processes at RWTH Aachen University. Against this background, the IT Center has been dealing with the topic of "Cloud" in the university environment at the RWTH for some time now.

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As part of the preliminary project Datensicherung.NRW, an operating model is being developed to establish cross-university data backup in and for NRW.

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High Performance Computing

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The High Performance Computing group supports users at RWTH Aachen and in the Federal State of NRW by providing access to high-performance computers.

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Within the framework of the competence network, a network of thematic clusters for low-threshold training, counselling and coaching services is being created.

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Students can find out at a glance about upcoming dates and current news from the central systems and facilities of RWTH Aachen University, such as the teaching and learning portal L²P. Of course, the RWTHApp also allows the download and thus the mobile work with the provided learning contents from L²P.

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Virtual Reality

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The Virtual Reality Group, VRG for short, conducts virtual reality and immersive visualization research projects. Furthermore, it makes available VR technologies for RWTH Aachen institutes and departments.

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