Research Projects


The HPC team is involved in several research collaborations on methods and tools for parallel programming and Performance and Correctness Analysis of Parallel Programs.

The HPC team is engaged in the advancement of the OpenMP shared-memory parallel programming specification. Furthermore, it is founding member of the Virtual Institute – High Productivity Supercomputing.

The research focus of the Chair of High Performance Computing at RWTH Aachen University lies within the area of parallel programming models and parallel software for multicore and manycore computers. This includes performance tuning and correctness checking of parallel programs. Further interests are the energy efficiency and (development) productivity of HPC centers.

On the field of automatic correctness checking, the Chair develops the tool MUST to easily increase reliability of parallel programs. With respect to parallel programming models, the Chair has a strong focus on OpenMP by also driving forward its development in the OpenMP committees. The Chair further work out methods and tools to evaluate the programmability, productivity and total cost of ownership (TCO) in HPC.