Poster Honorable Mention Award of EuroVis 2016

Illustration of the tracking steps Copyright: © Virtual Reality Group

Illustration of the tracking steps: Extraction of structures in consecutive time steps and computation of their similarity (left); the resulting temporal evolution of these structures indicated by a bi-partite graph (right).


At this year’s EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization, which was hosted at Groningen, Netherlands, the colleagues of the Virtual Reality Group, RWTH Aachen University presented one full paper, two workshop papers and two posters.

Andrea Schnorr, Sebastian Freitag, Prof. Dr. Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen and Dr. Bernd Hentschel received the “Poster Honorable Mention” Award for their work “Tracking Space-Filling Features by Two-Step Optimization”. In this work the authors presented a method to automatically track the temporal evolution of space-filling structures in turbulent flows.