Development of immersive applications to order




Members of Staff

External User


This service gives users the possibility to receive a VR-application tailored to their own specific requirements and data. This includes the following:

  • proof of concept, validation of the practicality of the idea
  • clarification of parameters for development, especially desired project duration, extent of functionality, and choice of a suitable VR target platform
  • development of an individual software solution tailored to the requirements of the user and based on the software-stack of the Virtual Reality Group. This requires regular exchanges between the user and the VRG.
  • acceptance and testing of the final application on the target platform at the end of the agreed upon project duration

In addition to the listed steps the service includes a once-off presentation of the results on an appropriate VR-platform in the RWTH Aachen VR Lab (IT Center, Kopernikusstraße 6, Room K115), with the aid of the respective Virtual Reality Group staff.
Should one wish for a longer presentation at the VR Lab or externally, this can be made possible by booking the Using VR infrastructure for presentations service.



  1. The IT Center provides tailored services for applications of common backgrounds:
  2. Visualization of architectural data covered in the Immersive exploration of virtual buildings service.
  3. Visualization and exploration of simulation data is described in the Immersive visualization of simulation data service.
  4. If the application is to be regularly used or presented, the Virtual Reality Group offers support in the acquisition and/or operation of VR infrastructure for your institute. More information about terms and conditions are described in the Support in acquisition and maintenance of Visualization Infrastructure for an institute service, which can be additionally booked if needed.