Using VR infrastructure for presentations




Members of Staff

External User


This service allows the use of the VR infrastructure of the IT Center - like aixCAVE, Holobench, ImFlip 150, Tiled-Display-Wall, etc. - for personal presentation purposes such as data analysis, product presentations or immersive exploration. It is also possible to book an appointment for a demonstration, as an introduction to the VR systems and to evaluate which system would be suitable for one’s own research.

Offer 1

The in-house VR infrastructure of the RWTH Aachen VR Lab (IT Center, Kopernikusstraße 6, Room K115) is available to institutes to use free of charge, after an appointment has been made. Appointments are supervised by trained Virtual Reality Group staff. However, depending on current utilization of the systems and the availability of staff members, not all requests can be approved.

Offer 2

For external functions, such as at the client’s institute or at a trade fair, mobile VR infrastructure (ImFlip 150 etc.) can be borrowed. To ensure the functionality of the system at the venue, one of the following options must be selected:

  1. The institute members responsible for the system are schooled in and receive documentation about the autonomous set-up and operation of the VR system.
  2. The VR system is set up and supervised by Virtual Reality Group staff members.


  1. Both modules require an appointment to be made in advance (availability of VR infrastructure, staff availability) as well as the reaching of an agreement about the applications that are to be shown. These must be based on the Virtual Reality Group’s software stack and can be created with the help of one of the following modules: 
  2. Development of immersive applications to order
  3. Immersive visualization of simulation data
  4. Immersive exploration of virtual buildings
  5. Support in VR-based experiments