Support in acquisition and maintenance of Visualization Infrastructure for an institute




Members of Staff

External User


Offer 1

If your institute does not yet have an adequate VR infrastructure, but this will be necessary for future work; or if the available infrastructure needs to be updated, the Virtual Reality Group provides support in the selection of suitable visualization hardware for the user’s specific application needs.

Offer 2

After acquiring the hardware, two options are available, on the premise that the acquired target platform is supported by the Virtual Reality Group:

  • Schooling of institute staff in the operation, supervision and maintenance of the system
  • Operation and long-term supervision and maintenance of the system provided by the Virtual Reality Group, based on an agreed upon maintenance contract with the user

Supervision/maintenance include the calibration and alignment of hardware as well as the provision of applications, assuming the deployment of the VRG’s software-stack.



  1. For the application to be deployed (in the case of user-specific applications), an additional one or more of the following services may need to be booked:
  2. Development of immersive applications to order
  3. Immersive visualization of simulation data
  4. Immersive exploration of virtual buildings
  5. Support in VR-based experiments