Support in VR-based experiments




Members of Staff

External User


This service allows the user to access the know-how of the Virtual Reality Group in the field of user-studies in immersive, virtual reality. The support includes the evaluation of the main underlying hypotheses, the planning of the study, as well as the precise study design.



  1. If the Virtual Reality Group takes over the implementation of the study design, the service Development of immersive applications to order can also (optionally) be booked.
  2. The service Using VR infrastructure for presentations can be used for the final execution of the study design, if it is required.
  3. Should the study (or similar studies) be permanently hosted or implemented at the user’s institute, the VRG can offer support in organizing new VR infrastructure for the institute. Please see the Support in acquisition and maintenance of Visualization Infrastructure for an institute service, which can also be booked if desired.