Frequently Asked Questions



Your certificates are usually available for pickup at the IT ServiceDesk - Seffenter Weg 23 location three weeks after completion of the course.

Please be sure to have your BlueCard, the name of the course, the instructor, and the course period ready for pickup.

What should I consider if I want to borrow a course laptop?

Laptops are available for all participants! 

If you would like to use a course laptop, please create your own PC-POOL account in IdM Selfservice and assign a password before the course begins.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the course so that the course laptops are ready for use when the course begins.

Helpful Instructions:

In case of problems please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

How do I create a PC-POOL account?

If you want to use a course laptop, you need a PC-POOL account. You can create this account in IdM Selfservice. Please assign a password after creating the account.

Helpful Instructions:

In case of problems please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.


What do I have to consider if I want to participate with my own laptop?

Please make sure that the required program is installed correctly and that you can use eduroam without any problems.

In case of problems, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Instructions on how to install the respective programs can be found in the FAQ's.

How do I install Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)?

Where can I find the course materials?

All handouts, PowerPoint slides and other documents will be uploaded to the appropriate learning space at RWTHmoodle.

Will the courses be offered this semester?

Yes, the courses are offered every semester. Information on course dates and format can be found at RWTHOnline.