ZPA Contact Persons


Here you can find the contact persons in the Central Examination Office, their contact information, and their office hours.

Former students, who cannot find their course of study in the list, should contact the front desk of the Central Examination Office. You will be connect to the responsible staff member from there.

The front desk of the Central Examination Office is located in the SuperC, 2nd floor, room 2.29. You can also contact the desk via or phone at +49 241 80 90710.

Please Note

If you have to submit your final thesis or other documents to meet a deadline, please use the after-hours mailbox outside of the RWTH Main Building. You can submit documents such as withdrawals or medical certificates in the mailboxes available on both floors of the ZPA. Please specify ZPA as addressee and include the name of the contact.

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  • Course of Study
    Contact Person
  • Computer Science GyGe
  • Machine Technology Vocational School
  • Structural Engineering Vocational School
  • Automotive Technology KBFR* Vocational School
  • Computer Engineering KBFR* Vocational School
  • Civil Engineering (Hochbautechnik) KBFR* Vocational School
  • Electrical Engineering Vocational School
  • Electrical Engineering GBFR* Vocational School
  • Machine Technology GBFR* BK
  • Education - Teacher Training BK/GyGe
  • Structural Engineering GBFR* Vocational School
  • Wood Technology KBFR* Vocational School
  • Textile Technology Vocational School
  • Economics Vocational School
  • Underground Engineering KBFR* Vocational School
  • History GyGe
  • Power Engineering KBFR* Vocational School
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Supply Technology KBFR* BK
  • Economics/Political Science Vocational School
  • Chemistry Vocational School/GyGe
  • Physics Vocational School/GyGe
  • Manufacturing Technology KBFR* Vocational School
  • Communications Engineering KBFR* Vocational School
  • Simulation Science
  • Computational Engineering Science
  • Computational Engineering Science
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Media Informatics
  • Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering Specialization
  • Power Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautics
  • Plastics and Textile Technology
  • Automotive Engineering and Transport
  • Development and Design
  • Production Engineering
  • General Mechanical Engineering
  • Bus. Admin. and Engineering: Mechanical Engineering (engineering subjects)
  • Waste Management Engineering
  • Management and Engineering in Production Systems
  • Computer Aided Conception & PME
  • Production Systems Engineering
  • Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities
  • Robotic Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, & Computer Engineering
  • Physics
  • Physics