Deactivation CAS CAMPUS Web phonebook

CAS CAMPUS Writing plug is getting pulled Copyright: © Freepik  

The old CAS CAMPUS directory will be shut down on August 31, 2023. For many years it has served RWTH Aachen University and the University Hospital (UKA) as a web phonebook.

Since June 28, 2023, the web phonebook in CAS CAMPUS is available in read-only-mode and has been replaced by the new directory RWTHcontacts for RWTH and UKAcontacts for University Hospital (UKA).

For the maintenance of your organization and person data, the new directory of organizations and directory of people at RWTH have already been in use since then.

The new system offers several advantages over the old CAS CAMPUS Web Phonebook and is under constant development.

For more information, please refer to the circular on the deactivation of the CAS CAMPUS Web Phonebook in the RWTH circular database.

Background information and a detailed report can be found on the IT Center Blog.

Instructions on how to use the new directories can be found on IT Center Help.