Commvault Backup System Maintenance

Miniature figures work on a hard disk Copyright: © Pixabay  

From September 26 to September 28, 2023 a maintenance of the Commvault backup system is scheduled.

The aim of the maintenance is to significantly improve the stability of the backup system and thus reduce the current high number of faults.

The system will be offline for a total of three days during this period. Thus, neither the submission of new backup data into the system nor the restoration of data from the backup will be possible during this time.

We ask the responsible backup admins to look for alternative backup options for the three days if a regular backup of their applications backed up there, e.g. databases such as SAP, is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, there is no need for further action.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the long maintenance window.

For more information and the current status of the Commvault backup system maintenance, please refer to our status message portal.