Strategic Guidelines


1. An Integral Part of the RWTH Strategy

The IT Center assumes a leading role in formulating and implementing RWTH Aachen's IT strategy and supports the University in its insitutional strategy by providing customer-focused IT services and supporting the Simulation Sciences.

2. Visible Excellence

The IT Center assumes a leading role among university IT centers in cooperation with partners in teaching, reseach, and industry.

3. Sustainable in Application and Development of Information Technology

The IT Center stands for high-quality, customer-focused, and sustainable application and further development of information and communication technology in research, teaching, and administrative processes at RWTH Aachen.

4. Transparent Work Processes

The IT Center develops, documents, implements, and reviews its activities in transparent, interdivisional processes to create soultions for its customers and partners.

The IT Center strives to develop and conduct its activities according to the below guidelines. All divisions of the IT Center will follow these objectives and judge their success against these standards.