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With the help of the GigaMove Service, users can exchange large data files in an easy and user-friendy way.

The exchange of data can be initiated by a user in an organization that is member of the DFN AAI Federation. Authentication is performed via Shibboleth, any further authorization is not required.

There are two ways to use GigaMove: The user uploads a file using the HTPPS protocol and then sends the automatically generated HTPPS download link to the receiving party (optionally via an automatidcally generated e-mail). Alternatively, the user generates a HTPPS link in GigaMove which can be used by the partner to upload a file for exchange.

Uploaded data files are automatically virus-checked and available for download for a seven-day period (optionally, this period can be extended). Also, users have the opportunity to protect the data file using a password. For each user, the maximum data size to be stored is 10 GB. Individual files may not exceed 2 GB in size. Please also note, however, the file size limits of your browser.


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