High Performance Computing

To request computing time

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The HPC team is involved in several research collaborations on methods and tools for parallel programming and Performance and Correctness Analysis of Parallel Programs. It is also engaged in the advancement of the OpenMP shared-memory parallel programming specification. more

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Project-based Management of Resources

IT Center has been operating high-performance computers for many years, which support the facilities and employees of the university in research and teaching. All members of RWTH Aachen University have free access to the RWTH Compute Cluster. But the amount of resources they can use is limited. more

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Cluster Aix-la-Chapelle

The IT Center operates high-performance computers to support institutions and staff in teaching and research. All machines are integrated in a cluster under the Linux operating system and offer the following modules: Application software, batch system, file systems and frontend systems. more

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With the increasing spread and significance of high-performance computing in science, research and teaching, supercomputers have not only become an indispensable key technology, but the demands on their operation have also increased. more

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HPC Support

The HPC group offers a wide range of support for efficient use of these central high-performance computing systems. In addition to methodological support, the group helps with serial and parallel programming, troubleshooting, correctness and runtime analysis, and tuning. Within the framework of user training, these topics are taught to interested users in tutorials and workshops. more

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The research results of the HPC Group are published in various national and international publications. more