Changes to the download server

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Due to security flaws, popular browsers will no longer support the file transfer protocol (ftp). Safari has never offered it, so MAC users have had to resort to other protocols.


The IT Center has distributed the installation files of the products ordered from the software shop via a download server via ftp in the RWTH network until now. With rejection of the protocol, the search for alternatives took place.

Now the server has been changed from ftp to the more secure https. The access is now via Another change is the additional connection of the download server to the RWTH Single Sign-On. This means that you first have to log in using your user ID and the corresponding password before you are redirected to the download page. This ensures that only members of the RWTH or other universities that belong to the DFN AAI are authorised to use the download server. This enables simplified access from outside the university.

For further information please visit out IT Center Help documentation portal.