Short Introduction to High Performance Computing 2021

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High Performance Computing
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The course provides an introduction to high-performance computing (HPC) for project managers, user, and developers alike. It focuses on CLAIX 2018, which is the premier platform for HPC at RWTH Aachen University.

The event is split into two parts: The first part provides basic information about HPC resources and targets not only HPC users but also decision makers.
It provides information for the participants to take strategic decisions concerning employment of HPC resources and filing applications for computing projects consuming a decent amount of resources.We expect no prior knowledge of the participants.

The second part is aimed at those who (want to) use HPC resources and those who (want to) program HPC resources (developers). 
It will enable participants  to get a better understanding of the skill set they need. 
Furthermore, it will enable admins and supporters to improve their support of HPC users by having a better understanding of HPC activities.
You will particularly learn about the most important details on using CLAIX-2018.
Those who use to run their computing applications on local machines will learn how to run those applications on the RWTH Compute Cluster - provided the necessary software licencies are in place.

Generally, this event is also meant to teach the HPC basics that are needed to take part in our more in-depth event PPCES and to help take decisions on which part of PPCES might be interesting for you.
We expect participants to have a basic knowledge of Linux and experience with their applications on any other computing devices.

The presentations will be given in English. The event will take place in Zoom. The corresponding link will be communicated to each participant soon. Please find more information here >>>


This introduction provides basic information about high-performance computing (HPC)  at the RWTH Aachen University's IT Center for different target groups and needs. 
It is the basis for the follow-up event PPCES.


11:00 - 16:30


Participants:10 up to 300
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