Future perspectives and challenges

The ongoing activities, provided and targeted cloud services are the subject of a very dynamic development. The IT Center strives to shorten the time needed for the provision of these services and to achieve a balance between demand and supply on many levels (technical, organizational, commercial, legal, data protection, etc.). Central to this project are

  • Introduction of handouts/consulting
  • Introduction of RWTH-wide processes for cloud use at the RWTH
  • Inclusion of further cloud providers (prerequisite for exit and switch strategies)
  • Personnel (qualification, requirements profile)


28.11.2018 Strategic meeting at CIO level

Bradley Tipp, business strategy leader at Microsoft, visited RWTH. Here he met with the Chancellor, the Director and Managing Director of the IT Center and the Chief Engineer of the PEM. Afterwards, the PEM gave an insight into its activities in the automotive sector and application scenarios for Microsoft Azure.

26/27.11.2018 Meeting of AK Strategy and Organisation 2018

The IT Center participated in the working group meeting with the topic "Cloud Use at Universities". The feedback on a lecture by the IT Center shows that the RWTH with its activities is perceived as a pioneer.

08.11.2018 Higher Education Roadshow with Microsoft

The first NRW stop of the Higher Education Roadshow was in the Generali Hall in the SuperC. Among other things, the lectures dealt with ethical questions in the context of the use of artificial intelligence.

28.09.2018 Proof Of Concept Workshop

This workshop served to implement a Use Case from the IT Center. As a test, the support chat was successfully executed on the basis of Azure resources.

27.09.2018 Identity Workshop

This workshop served the clarification of questions around the IDM connection around the Microsoft Cloud offer.

25.07.2018 Cloud use at the RWTH

Under this project name, the activities that deal with the RWTH-wide provision of cloud services are summarized. In concrete terms, the aim is to develop, together with the departments 5 (Organisation and IT), 7.3 (Purchasing and Zool Affairs), 9 (Legal Affairs) and the data protection officer, the prerequisites for a procedure that meets the RWTH requirements. Three teams, coordinated by the IT Center, were formed for this purpose:

1st team: Clarification of commercial and legal questions. (Dec. 9, Dec. 7, IT Center)
2nd team: Data protection and data security (DSB, CTO and IT Manager Security of the IT Center)
3rd team: Communication in the committees of RWTH University (Dec. 5, Managing Director of the IT Center)

27.06.2018 Cloud activities

In the first round, the IT Center sees a number of partners and services that are suitable for use in the university. The corresponding processes are referred to as "cloud activities" and pursued with different approaches.

13.06.2018 InfoTag 2018

InfoTag 2018 was aimed at executives at the RWTH. In a new format, discussion rounds take up most of the time. Demands include cloud services, their delivery and appropriate policies.

08.06.2018 Participation at the EBC (Munich)

The Executive Briefing Center of Microsoft, serve the information of specialists. The IT Center used this opportunity to inform itself about the Azure portfolio.

10th to 12.04.2018 Campus Connection Summit (London)

The Campus Connection Summit is an event organized by Microsoft to which representatives of educational institutions are invited. On the one hand projects will be presented, on the other hand there will be the opportunity for networking with participants from all over Europe.

05./06.03.2018 Cloud Strategy Workshop

The IT Center advises its cloud strategy. Beginning with an external lecture on the vertical range of manufacture, the workshop ends with the foundation of the A-Team and the formation of a vision with concrete goals.

Foundation of the A-Team

Within the Cloud Strategy Workshop the A-Team will be founded with the task to directly provide a service based on cloud resources. This way all challenges should be solved exemplarily.

27.02.2018 Foundation of Cloud Core Team

The cloud core team creates an overview of the cloud activities at the IT center and coordinates them. The seven team members come from different areas of the IT Center to achieve the greatest possible coverage.



10.08.2017 Meeting with Microsoft

At a meeting with Microsoft, the new cloud strategy of Microsoft is presented: The aim is to replace OnPremise products with cloud services within a few years. The period varies