Status Updates of Central Systems


Incident / Fault Reports

  • Incident / Fault Reports (de)
    The incident and fault reports provide information on malfunctions, maintenance activities, or problems concerning components and services of the centralized IT systems. The colors indicate the current status of the involved systems.

Status of Central Network Components

    Core Network Status

    • Backbone (de)
      The RWTH backbone is the high-speed data network to connect individual buildings and inner-building distribution points. The network serves to enable communication between institutions.

    • XWiN (de)

      The XWin router connects the RWTH Aachen backbone wit the XWiN German Research and Education Network, ensuring a connection to the outside world. This makes it possible to reach other research and commercial networks, both nationally and internationally.

    • Weathermap (de)
      The Weathermap shows the central RWTH backbone routers and their interconnections. Furthermore, data-intensive systems are visualized. The capacity utilization (load) of the individual systems is numerically (percentage) and graphically represented.

    Status of Network Devices

    VPN Devices Status

    • RWTH VPN Server (de)
      The load status (sessions) of the RWTH VPN servers is displayed here.

    SecurityStatus / Protection

    • Blast-o-Mat (de)
      Blast-o-mat" is a software application that detects conspicuous system using special algorithms. It identifies infection of end devices through the detection and analysis of conspicuous behaviors such as port scans, distribution of spam, and denial of service attacks. The application notifies users and administrators of detected threats.