Cooperations and Memberships

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  • AICES (Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science)

    Logo of AICES (Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science)

    AICES represents a new doctoral program under the auspices of the Excellence Initiative of the German state and federal governments. RWTH Aachen University - one of the leading technical universities in Europe - has been establishing educational structures to meet the future research challenges in computational engineering science (CES). AICES is spearheaded by 15 RWTH institutes from 4 departments, and it includes participation from Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research in Düsseldorf. The VR Group at the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University develops innovative methods of interactive visualization in order to establish an intuitive analysis of the conducted simulations within the scope of the AICES projects. more


  • CAMPUSonline-Usergroup

    CampusOnline Logo

    The IT support of all central areas of the student life cycle of the RWTH will in future be based on the integrated software CAMPUSonline of Graz University of Technology. In Aachen, the Austrian system operates under the name RWTHonline. The continuous expansion of communication with the universities and colleges that use CAMPUSonline as their administration and information system is carried out in the so-called CAMPUSonline user group. It serves as an exchange platform and to represent the needs of all universities using CAMPUSonline. Here the further roadmap of the product and other current topics are also discussed in workshops. more

  • Center für Lehr- und Lernservices (CLS)

    Logo of the Center für Lehr- und Lernservices (CLS)

    The Lernplattform Management (LPM) department within the Center für Lehr- und Lernservices (CLS) is one of the e-learning service centers of RWTH Aachen University and an integral part of the university's e-learning strategy. It advises and supports participants in all questions concerning the use of e-learning in organization, administration, study and teaching. CLS provides with the LPM department training and consulting services to support lecturers in particular in the development and implementation of modern, student-focused and didactically high-quality blended learning events that combine classic classroom teaching with concepts of media-supported teaching. The aim is to promote active, self-determined learning by students.

    The central element of the CLS respectively LPM services is the university-wide teaching and learning platform RWTHmoodle. Its online learning rooms provide teachers with the necessary blended learning infrastructure. The platform is (further) developed and operated in cooperation with the university's IT Center and integrated into the central IT processes of university teaching. more

  • Central University Administration of RWTH Aachen University

    Logo of RWTH Aachen University

    The central university administration (ZHV) is responsible for the areas of planning, administration and legal affairs at the university. The ZHV sees itself as a service provider for students, departments and university institutions, as well as externally for business, industry, local authorities, associations and students. The services it offers are correspondingly diverse.
    The IT Center cooperates with the ZHV in areas such as teaching,
    room management, procurement and quality management, but also generally in joint IT projects. Particularly worthy of mention here is the area of campus management and the PuL project.

  • Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformationen e. V. (DINI)

    DINI Logo

    DINI, the German Iniative for Network Information, was established to improve information and communication services and the underlying information technology infrastructures at higher education and research institutions.

    The dialog and exchange between the involved IT departments initiated by DINI is to help improve the IT services at the individual institutions. more

  • European University Information Systems (EUNIS)

    Logo of EUNIS

    EUNIS brings together the people responsible for the management, development and policy of information technology in higher education in Europe. The aim of EUNIS is to contribute to the development of high quality information systems. This is to be achieved primarily through exchanges and cooperation between those responsible for information systems in higher education or in research institutes/organisations in Europe. In addition, establishing and strengthening relations with supervisory organisations responsible for information systems in higher education and research institutes in each country and at European level plays an important role in this context. Thus, various activities and events, a network of contacts and information and the organisation of the annual EUNIS conference are part of EUNIS' repertoire. RWTH Aachen University has been a member of EUNIS since 2018 and is also regularly successfully represented at the conferences by employees of the IT Center. more

  • Gauß-Allianz e. V.

    Logo of Gauß-Allianz

    Two years after the Gauss-Centre has been created to coordinate the European supercomputing activities, Germany took the next step to shape the future of high performance computing (HPC) on a national level. On December 3rd 2008 the nations leading supercomputing centers met in Bonn to create the Gauß-Allianz. While the Gauss-Centre was successfully addressing the needs on the top end, it was clear from the beginning that an additional layer of support was required to maintain the longevity with a network of competence centers across whole Germany. This gap is now addressed by the Gauß-Allianz, where regional and topical centers team up to create the necessary infrastructure. more

  • Information Technology Service Management Forum (itSMF) Deutschland e.V.

    itsmf Logo

    As an independent, not-for-profit organization, the IT Service Management Forum, itSMF for short, aims to develop and distribute IT Service Management methods and solutions. To this purpose, the itSMF organizes conferences and sets up working groups and regional forums. It publishes books, a newspaper, as well as a newsletter. 
    more (de)

  • Interdisciplinary Imaging & Vision Institute Aachen (i3ac)


    The competence center focuses on computer vision and imaging research and development – a key technology forming the basis for numerous innovative technological developments and applications. Since research in the area of “imaging & vision” is conducted in many disciplines with varying methods and approaches, the center aims to create a holistic network of the individuals and their activities in the various fields to optimize the exchange between them.This field of research combines elements from imaging, signal and information processing, artificial intelligence, and actuator engineering. more

  • Jülich Aachen Research Alliance - Center for Simulation and Data Science

    Logo JARA CSD

    The Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA), a cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich, provides a top-level research environment that is in the top international league and is attractive to the brightest researchers worldwide.

    The JARA Center for Simulation and Data Science (JARA CSD) provides a platform for scientific exchange that brings together researchers from mathematics and computer science to engineering and the natural sciences. The overarching scientific challenge is to combine data-driven and physics-based computational approaches into explainable and reliable solutions for analysis and prediction. JARA CSD advances research software engineering and provides a corresponding forum for the exchange of knowledge and research-oriented training across all career levels. JARA CSD thus acts as an incubator for interinstitutional and interdisciplinary collaborations and projects, fosters scientific excellence and provides a hub for innovation. The center provides and utilizes high-performance computational infrastructure, including next-generation computing. more

  • Moodle Users Association

    moodle logo

    The Moodle learning platform is an open source software project that has grown since 2002 under the leadership of Moodle Pty Ltd. and is used in hundreds of thousands of institutions and workplaces worldwide. The Moodle Users Association is an official non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Moodle. In the course of the transition from L²P to the new RWTH learning platform RWTHmoodle in 2019, RWTH Aachen University has also become a Gold Member of the Moodle Users Association. This membership offers the university the opportunity not only to further develop its own platform but also to contribute significantly to the development of Moodle in general. In addition, the university supports the non-profit organization in the development of plugins for the learning platform. more

  • REGionaler INdustrieclub Informatik Aachen - REGINA e.V.

    Logo REGINA e.V.

    Regina is an independent network for experts and actors in the field of information and communication technology. Its members from business, academia and research provide a forum for information and exchange in the field. more

  • Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)

    spec logo

    Since 2013, the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University is part of SPEC and actively engaged in its High Performance Group (HPG). SPEC’s HPG is a forum for discussing and developing benchmark methodologies for High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. At the same time, the group releases production quality benchmark suites like SPEC MPI2007, SPEC OMP2012, and SPEC ACCEL, that can evaluate all dimensions of parallelism. These benchmark suites are used in academia and industry to conduct research in HPC systems, facilitate procurement, testing, and tuning of HPC systems. more

  • Uniform Interface to Computing Resources (UNICORE)

    Logo UNICORE

    UNICORE offers a ready-to-run Grid system including client and server software. UNICORE makes distributed computing and data resources available in a seamless and secure way in intranets and the internet. more

  • Zentren für Kommunikation und Informationsverarbeitung in Lehre und Forschung e. V. (ZKI)

    Logo ZKI

    ZKI, the Centers for Communication and Information Processing in Teaching and Research, support IT providers at national and international educational and research institutions by facilitating information exchange, initiating collaboration between IT departments, and providing assistance and advice. more (de)