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The IT Center is the operator of the RWTH telecommunications system.

Currently, two systems are operated in parallel: The existing Alcatel system and the new Cisco telecommunications system. The existing system is gradually being dismantled and the RWTH is being converted to the new telecommunications system.

In the previous Alcatel-Lucent telephone system, call numbers were linked to telephones; in the Cisco telephone system, call numbers are assigned to persons. This gives users additional options for organizing communication independently and flexibly.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the telephone system, telecommunication devices and the switch to the new telephone system.

You can use the telecommunications portal (TK-Portal) to independently apply for new telephone connections, move existing telephone connections, and register new ones.


IT Center Help

  1. IT Center Help provides more detailed information about each IT Center service, such as guides, FAQs, configuration notes, and announcements.

  2. Current Phone-System (Alcatel)
  3. New Phone-System (Cisco)
  4. TK-Portal

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