IT Service Management


IT Service Management, ITSM for short, is a process-focused approach which aims to provide IT services under consideration of business needs and to deliver high value to customers. To this purpose, the IT Center is organized in accordance with ITIL best practices.


Development of Information Technology

Information technology has seen profound changes in the last few decades. While 20 years ago information technology was still mainly used in research and development, today reduced costs and increased availability have led to IT becoming an everyday tool for everybody.

This has also changed what is expected of information technology. An increasing number of professional fields as well as private users depend on reliable, secure IT with dependable support services. This of course also applies to the support of research and tuition at a university such as RWTH Aachen.

IT Service Management at the IT Center

To meet these expectations, there are specialized IT Managers at the IT Center, who are responsible for the consistent quality of all provided services across all departments. They work closely with each division as well as with the central Service Desk of the IT Center. They have the following duties:

IT Manager Operations:

The fields of Incident Management – which aims to rectify disruptions as soon as is possible to minimize repercussions on business operations (and the client) – and Change Management – which oversees the development and maintenance of a standardized method for the processing and documentation of all changes to IT components – are combined within this role.

IT Manager Security:

The IT Security Management ensures that all commodities, information, data and IT Services at the IT Center are always protected in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.
They take responsibility for the IT security of the IT Center.

Additionally, the Security Manager is responsible for Configuration Management, aiming to provide a consistent overview of all hardware and software components which are involved in the delivery of services at the IT Center to all departments and IT Managers.

IT Manager Services:

The IT Services Manager is active in the areas of planning, strategy and procedure, as well for the assessment of resource use. This includes the further expansion of the services on offer at the IT Center in terms of sustainability, based on clients’ needs and on demand. The life of the service-level-management process is supported by the product managers, who also play a role and handle duties in such activities.

The IT Services Manager’s responsibilities also include promoting cooperation between the IT Center and the facilities and institutes of the RWTH, as well as the RWTH’s partners and associated institutions (An-Institutes, Fraunhofer Institutes, Helmholtz Cooperations) and universities and universities of applied science which cooperate in IT Support.

In addition, the Services Manager also promotes cooperation, in terms of IT Support, with the facilities on the RWTH Campus together with RWTH Campus GmbH. He represents the IT Center at functions, as well as on committees and in associations promoting more collaboration in science. He brings together the IT Center as a service provider with users within the RWTH and its partners, supporting the creation of sustainable solutions.

ITIL at IT Center

The IT Center is structured in such a way that all prerequisites for the delivery of high-quality services can be met. In addition to the divisions responsible for operative business, the IT managers establish and maintain processes to coordinate all services to be delivered to the University. The involved structures and processes, which follow guidance from the “IT Infrastructure Library“ (ITIL), haven proven to be efficient and reliable tools in a large number of organizations.